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The Three Strangers Hardy, Thomas Published: 1883 Type(s): Short Fiction, Horror Source: source 1 About Hardy: Thomas Hardy, OM (2 June 1840 – 11 January 1928) was an English novelist, short story writer, and poet of the naturalist movement. The bulk of his work, set mainly in the semi-imaginary county of Wessex, de- lineates characters struggling against their passions and circumstances. Hardy's poetry, first published in his fifties, has e to be as well re- garded as his novels, especially after the 1960s Movement. Source: Wikipedia 2 AMONG the few features of agricultural England which retain an ap- pearance but little modified by the lapse of centuries, may be reckoned the high, grassy and furzy downs, coombs, or ewe-leases, as they are in- differently called, that fill a large area of certain counties in the south and south-west. If any mark of human upation is met with hereon, it usu- ally takes the form of the solitary cottage of some shepherd. Fifty years ago such a lonely cottage stood on such a down, and may possibly be standing there now. In spite of its loneliness, however, the spot, by actual measurement, was not more than five miles from a county-town. Yet that affected it little. Five miles of irregular upland, during the long inimical seasons, with their sleets, snows, rains, and mists, afford withdrawing space enough to isolate a Timon or a Nebuchadnezzar; much less, in fair weather, to please that less repellent tribe, the poets, philosophers, artists, and others who 'conceive and med- itate of pleasant things.' Some old earthen camp or barrow, some clump of trees, at least som

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