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Time and Time Again - H. Beam Piper(一次又一次英文版).pdf 20页

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Time and Time Again Piper, Henry Beam Published: 1947 Type(s): Short Fiction, Science Fiction Source: 1 About Piper: Henry Beam Piper (March 23, 1904 – c. November 6, 1964) was an American science fiction author. He wrote many short stories and sever- al novels. He is best known for his extensive Terro-Human Future His- tory series of stories and a shorter series of "Paratime" alternate history tales. He wrote under the name H. Beam Piper. Another source gives his name as "Horace Beam Piper" and a different date of death. His grave- stone says "Henry Beam Piper". Piper himself may have been the source of part of the confusion; he told people the H stood for Horace, encour- aging the assumption that he used the initial because he disliked his name. Source: Wikipedia 2 Blinded by the bomb-flash and numbed by the narcotic injection, he could not estimate the extent of his injuries, but he knew that he was dy- ing. Around him, in the darkness, voices sounded as through a thick wall. "They mighta left mosta these Joes where they was. Half of them won't even last till the truckes." "No matter; so long as they're alive, they must be treated," another voice, crisp and cultivated, rebuked. "Better start taking names, while we're waiting." "Yes, sir." Fingers fumbled at his identity badge. "Hartley, Allan; Cap- tain, G5, Chem. Research AN/73/D. Serial, SO-23869403J." "Allan Hartley!" The medic officer spoke in shocked surprise. "Why, he's the man who wrote 'Children of the Mist', 'Rose of Death', and 'Conqueror's Road'!" He tried to speak,

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