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2017下半年初中英语教师资格证面试试题(精选)第一批英语面试试题二、考题解析【教案】Teaching Aims:Knowledge aim: By the end of the class, students can muster knowledge of if-clause.Ability aim: Students can use if-clause in their daily life.Emotional aim: Students will feel the happiness of learning English in joyful, free and open atmosphere, and will be confident to express in English.Teaching Key Points:Students can know the structure, function and tense of if-clause.Teaching Difficult Point:Students can put the new knowledge into practice.Teaching Methods:Tasked-based Teaching Method,municative Approach.Teaching Aids:The blackboardTeaching Prores:Step 1: Lead-inGreeting with the students.Sing a song for students- if you are happy. Ask them “Did you hear the word-if” to lead in the class.Step 2: PresentationLet the students read the passage and find out sentences with “if”. Then teacher will ask students write these sentences on the blackboard. Then find out the similarities among these sentences.ording to the answers from students, teacher make a brief summary:1. If-clause means condition and the main clause is the result. 2. The main clause and if-clause have the same tense. However, if it describes things in the future, the main clause uses the Simple Future Tense and if-clause use the Simple Present Tense.Step 3: PracticeRead the sentences by themselves and practice with neighbors.Step 4: ProductionUse the sentence and structure what we learned today to make a conversation with your neighbor and invite some students performance it.Step 5: Summary and homeworkSummary: Sum up what we have learned today.Homework: After class, teach these sentences to their parents.Blackboard Design:责任编辑:孙喜香)二、考题解析【教案】Teaching AimsKnowledge aim:Students can understand this short passage and master some expressions aboutparative degree.Ability aim:Students will improve their reading efficiency and reading ability.Emotional aimStudents are willing to read a lot of English reading materials in their daily li

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