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2017下半年高中英语教师资格证面试试题(精选)第一批英语教师资格面试试题二、考题解析【教案】Teaching AimsKnowledge aim: Students will recognize the liaison in the target passage and memorize the liaison rules.Ability aim:1. Students can work out the liaison rules through listening, pair work and the guidance from the teacher.2. Students can apply the liaison rules into practice and express themselves in a more idiomatic way through imitating, speaking and reading.Emotional aim : After this lesson, students will be more confident in speaking English.Teaching Key &Difficult PointsKey point: Students can master the liaison rules.Difficult point: Students can apply the rules into practice.Teaching prores:Step 1: Warming up1. Play the music video Father issued by Guitar Cover and have a free talk about “the impressive story between you and your father”.2. Ask the students to think over the question: what have you done for your father.Step 2: Presentation1. Ask the students to read the passage on the textbook aloud after the tape and ask why you can’t catch the speed of the tape. Explain there are some liaisons in the passage.2. Ask students to circle all of the liaison in the target material through listening to the tape.3. Ask students to work in pairs to find out the rules of liaison by classifying whether a word is ended with a consonant and the following word is initiated with a vowel.4. Lead the students to read the liaison after the teacher and tell students liaison happens when a word is ended with a consonant and the following word is initiated with a vowel.Step 3: PracticeAsk the whole class to read after the tape several times and try to imitate, then some students will be invited to have apetition to read the passage to the class, and others justify who reads faster.Step 4: Production1.Present them another piece of passage and ask them to work in pairs to underline the liaison inside and try to read it fluently. Afterwards, the standard edition will be presented.2.Funny dubbing: a part of the

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