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2017下半年高中英语教师资格证面试试题(精选)第四批二、考题解析【教案】Teaching AimsKnowledge aim:1. Students can do the right email format.2. Students will know more about the history, customs of Mid-Autumn Festival.Ability aims:1. Students will be able to write emails to give information.2. Students will be able to introduce our traditional festival----Mid-Autumn Festival .Emotional aims:Students will feel proud of our traditional culture, and be willing to bring it to the world.Teaching Key &Difficult PointsTeaching Key Point:They can write an email with right format.Teaching Difficult Point:Students can introduce Mid-Autumn Festival with enough information to make it clear to people from foreign cultures .Teaching Methods:Task-based Teaching ApproachTeaching AidsPPT, picturesTeaching proresStep 1 Warming-up (3 minutes)Show them some pictures about Mid-Autumn Festival which are about different activities. And then ask them to have a discussion about these pictures and they can write down the key words, sentences and so on. After the discussion, invite some students to describe these pictures.For example, they may describe the first picture as “ They are having a big family reunion.”And the second picture, they might describe as “China started to celebrate the festival since Tang dynasty.” Give some necessary guidance and corrections.Step 2 Pre-writing (8 minutes)1. Set up a situation for the students: Your name is Liha. Your open-pal, Max, ising from Australia with his parents. And he is writing to ask information about Mid-Autumn Festival.2. Show them the email from Max.Ask them to read the email first and figure out what kind of information does Max want. Later invite some students to share the answers. For example, they will find out that Max wants to know the history and traditions about Mid-Autumn Festival.3. After they figure out what they should write to Max, I will lead their attention to the format of Max’s email and remind them to pay attention to the salutation and them

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