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The Religious Reformation of the English Queen Elizabeth Ⅰ 英语毕业论文.doc 12页

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The Religious Reformation of the English Queen Elizabeth Ⅰ 英语毕业论文
The Religious Reformation of the English Queen Elizabeth Ⅰ 英国女王伊丽莎白一世的宗教改革 AbstractElizabeth I is the last Tudor monarch in the 15th century. At that time, England was confused by the religious issue and because of the wrong religious policy adopted by her brother king Award and her sister Queen Mary; the religious issue became more and more dangerous. It endangered the stability of regime and the unity of England. Queen Elizabeth changed the attitude toward different religions and found a more effective method to settle the issue. At the beginning of her ession to the throne, she actualized the mild religious policy and in the middle and late time, she changed he religious policy and adopted more strict policy to adjust to the development of society. Historian reviewed that the religious policy of Queen Elizabeth was very sessful. It saved England from the civil war and laid a good foundation for the future of England. Key Words: Elizabeth I; religious policy;Catholicism; Protestantism; Puritanism ? 摘 要伊丽莎白一世界是都铎王朝的最后一位君主。在这个时期,由于她的弟弟爱德华国王和姐姐玛丽女王施行了错误的宗教政策,使英国面临严重的宗教问题。这个问题已经影响到了英国的政治稳定和团结。伊丽莎白一世改变了对待不同宗教问题的态度,寻求更有效的方法去解决宗教问题。在她初登王位的时候,她采取温和的宗教政策,但在中后期,随着社会的发展,她改变她的宗教政策,转而采取相对教严厉的宗教政策。历史学家认为,她的宗教政策是成功的。这个政策把英国带出了内战的危险并且为英国以后的发展奠定了良好的基础。 关键词伊丽莎白一世;宗教政策;天主教;新教;清教 Introduction Elizabethan is a very important period in the history of England. The religious policy issue is the important part in this time. It is about the diplomacy, marriage and the throne. Foreign academia paid more attention for it. But they only discuss the religion of England in that time or the religious reform. The religious policy issue of Elizabeth I was without enlarging on any of them. So this thesis discusses the issue in all the time of Queen Elizabeth and gives aprehensive cognition to us. During this period, the religious issues, which involves the stability of reign and the security of kingdom, is extremelyplex and acute. Under the guide of rationalistic religious views, Quee

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