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On the Negative Transfer of L1 in Chinese Students′ English Learning
On the Negative Transfer of L1 in Chinese Students' English Learning Abstract: The influence of L1 to the acquisition of Second Language may be positive and negative, but it is believed that the main influence will be negative, by examining and analyzing the language data from pronunciation, vocabulary, syntax and the culture aspects of Chinese English learners, we try to investigate the negative transfer of L1 in Chinese students' English learning. To do such study, we aim at giving more concrete examples in SLA research and help the L2 learners to avoid the negative transfer or shift the negative transfer to positive transfer and finally achieve a high proficiency in L2. The language data included in this study are taken from some journals and books on the library, as well as some data from students’ homework. The methodologies used are Contrastive Analysis and Error Analysis. I hope the researching results can help the Chinese students using idiomatic English rather than Chinglish. Key words: negative transfer, English learning, second language, SLA 中国学生英语学习中的母语负迁移Contents 1 Introduction 2 Literature Review 3 The negative transfer of Chinese in English learning 3.1 The negative transfer in pronunciation 3.2 The negative transfer in vocabulary 3.3 The negative transfer in syntax 3.4 The negative transfer in culture 4 An empirical Study 4.1 Study method and explanation 4.2 The classification of errors in the studentsposition 4.3 The detail analysis of the influential errors in studentspositions 4.3.1 Influenced by morphology 4.3.2 Influenced by vocabulary 4.3.3 Influenced by syntax 4.3.4 Influenced by discourse 5 The countermeasures to avoid negative transfer in English teaching 6 Conclusion References Appendix Acknowledgements 1 Introduction Nowadays, many researchers find that the influence of the native language in Chinese students’ English learning is bing increasingly powerful, and it is believed that the main influence will be negative. In the

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