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2018需求生成基准调查报告(英文版).pdf 13页

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201 8 D E MAN D G E N E R ATIO N B E N CH MAR K S U RVE Y R E P O R T Tapping Multichannel Marketing & Data As Key Engines For Growth SPONSORED BY SURVEY REPORT baogaoba.xyz独家收集 不断更新 70% INTRODUCTION OF B2B The core goal of driving growth remains unchanged and fundamental to MARKETERS SAID performance marketing executives. For those marketers directly charged with THEIR DEMAND influencing pipeline, expectations are only increasing as revenue projections be more aggressive and KPIs be more laser focused. GEN BUDGETS WILL GROW THIS The good news from the 2018 Demand Generation Benchmark Survey is budgets for acquisition, nurturing and pipeline activities will continue to climb this year, YEAR. with 70% saying demand gen budgets would increase and 34% saying spending would grow by more than 20%. However, the expectations for supporting revenue growth are climbing at a more aggressive rate, and the goals and metricspanies are using to judge marketing’s impact are also rising rapidly. HOW WILL YOUR DEMAND GENERATION BUDGET CHANGE IN 2018? Increase by more than 30% 12% Increase by more than 20% 22% Increase by 1%-10% 36% Unchanged 25% Decrease by 1%-10% 3%

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