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A Study of Fuzziness in English Advertisements 英文广告模糊性的研究.doc 36页

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A Study of Fuzziness in English Advertisements 英文广告模糊性的研究
英文广告模糊性的研究 A Study of Fuzziness?in English Advertisements Contents ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS i Content ii Abstract iv 摘 要 v 1. Introduction 1 2. Literature Review 2 2.1 Definition of Advertising 2 2.2 Features of Advertising Language 3 3. Introduction to Fuzzy Language 7 3.1 Fuzzy Language 7 3.2 Functions of Fuzzy Language in Advertisements 9 4. Four analyses of Fuzziness in English Advertisements 11 4.1 Fuzziness at Phic Level 11 4.1.1 Pun 11 4.1.2 Spelling Variation 13 4.2 Fuzziness at Lexical Level 14 4.2.1 Adjectives 14 4.2.2 Verbs 15 4.2.3 Numerals and Quantifiers 17 4.2.4 Hedges 17 4.3 Fuzziness at Syntactic Level 19 4.3.1 Indirect Speech 19 4.3.2 Ellipsis 20 4.3.3 Disjunctive Sentence 21 4.4 Fuzziness from Pragmatic Perspective 22 4.4.1 Fuzziness and Cooperative Principle 22 4.4.2 Fuzziness and Politeness Principle 26 5. Conclusion 31 Bibliograph Abstract This paper focuses on the application of vague language in advertising which is viewed as a persuading strategy by advertisers. After a brief introduction of advertising, features of advertisements, fuzzy language, the thesis analyzes the function and application of fuzziness in English advertisement from a linguistic perspective. Through the study, we found that English advertisements are fraught with fuzzy expressions indeed. Fuzzy languages are applied in advertisements in a flexible way, which not only adds beauty to advertisements but also promotes the sale and swiftly transmits business messages. In recent years, the research of advertisement English has made the very big progress. However, it is as if insufficient to understand its fuzziness in the former research. And it is also one of reasons to present the paper. This research is for the purpose of giving the certain enlightenment to the advertisement editor and the consumer; therefore it has the widespread practical significance. As the adman, we must be good at grasping the fuzzy criterion of the language, thus attracting general expensemunity'

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